Facebook | 26 July 2021 - Stratford Upon Avon

Mike Grisenthwaite: Great to meet the team in Stratford upon Avon, keep pedaling! www.cyclistsfightingcancer.org.uk

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Rachel Newton - BBC Radio Essex

BBC Radio Essex - 26 July 2021

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Facebook | 12:44 - 26 July 2021 - Hook Norton

12:44: Snack stop in Hook Norton, en route to Oxford. We had a few serious hills to contend with already, but apparently the mountain is yet to come!

via Facebook | Great Britain Womens Volleyball Team.

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Facebook | 10:00 - 26 July 2021 - Stratford

08:45: Day 3….we are on our way to collect our bikes after a good sleep and hearty breakfast.
Next stop the famous Roger Bannister track in mighty Oxford!
Some of the team are claiming their bums maybe a little better today….let’s reserve judgement until we actually get back in the saddle!

10:00: Ready to go…a mere 72 miles to cover….c’mon!!

via Facebook | Great Britain Womens Volleyball Team.

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Guest Rider - Stratford to Oxford

Sally Booth of Vertex, the FTSE 100 partner of the British Volleyball Federation is cycling with us from Stratford to Oxford today.

We will also be calling at their Westminster offices tomorrow afternoon.

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Day Two – Cycle 250 – Nottingham to Stratford

Day two, what can I say, we made it to Stratford!

I have never felt so weak after exercise than when we arrived in Stratford and I stood next to my bike, contemplating taking the few steps to the mini bus where everyone had gathered. 87 miles on the road today, to be able to say that now brings about a sense of pride but my legs are aching thinking about it.

We began the day at the Nottingham army barracks. Having slept in bunk dorms on plastic mattresses, we were required to sort our bedding and sweep the floor before we set off on the road, all this at about 7am. Huge breakfast for £1…thankyou Chris, you were amazing!

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Citizenseye: GB Women’s Volleyball Team Bike Through Leicester

Via Citizenseye

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Day 2 - 13:47

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