Adopt an Olympian

“…to inspire a new generation of young people”

This statement was a key element of the London 2012 Olympic Games bid. The GB Women’s Volleyball Adopt an Olympian scheme is inspiring a new generation of volleyball players, supporting the team on their journey and helping to create a legacy post London 2012.

The scheme gives schools and pupils the chance to engage with a GB player - an aspiring Olympian - as she works towards the goal of playing in the 2012 Olympics.

We aim to maximise the feeling of involvement in the London 2012 Olympic Games, raise awareness of our sport, get more people playing volleyball across the country, and inspire pupils to follow their goals and achieve success.


Lynne Beattie visited her school's fundraising event & saw the display board in her school

How does Adopt An Olympian Work? The basis of the scheme is that a school “Adopts” a player, one of the members of the squad, a full time athlete in training for the London 2012 Olympic Games and becomes part of their journey. We ask your school or college to run at least one fundraising event and donate the proceeds to the GB Women’s Programme.

In return the school or college receives:

  • A regular blog (e-newsletter) from their player right up to the Olympic Games
  • A Power Point slideshow giving facts & figures and “action” shots of their player. This is suitable to share with students in assemblies or as part of lessons
  • An A4 poster, signed photo of their player, signed photo of the GB team
  • An invitation to arrange a Skype interview with the player themselves

We want it to be as as interactive as possible, to give pupils a real insight to what it means to have such a huge ambition, the commitment needed, the opportunities and fun it brings and what is required in terms of constant effort to achieve that goal.

We already have 32 schools involved in the scheme across England and Scotland. We engage in various ways - see Maria Bertelli’s written blog or Ciara and Lucy’s video blog.

Over 26,000 pupils are engaged in the scheme and the 
feedback received so far has been exceptional. 

Schools have a free choice in choosing the event they wish to organise. Some already completed include Mearns Castle High School, Scotland who organised a Fun Run and their Adopted Olympian, GB Captain Lynne Beattie, attended. See the video made by Beattie following the event. Other events include “Wear your Sportswear to School Day”, a Charity Auction, a raffle and even a Cup Cake sale! Some schools have chosen to run a series of small events, while others have run a whole school event. No minimum donation is needed - any amount raised, however large or small, is welcome.

When the GB players return to England next April they will have approx 90 days preparation before the opening Olympic match. The summer will be tough with the challenge of putting together another competitive preparation programme with no funding. Last summer’s programme was made possible through the generous support of family members, friends, schools and businesses. The GB Team is really grateful to all the schools which are supporting our “Adopt an Olympian” fundraising scheme. All the money raised through these initiatives will go to help keep our Olympic dream alive.

If your school or company is interested, please contact Cary Wicks for more information on how to be involved:

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