Cooper recognised as inspirational coach in London 2012

GB Women’s Head Coach Audrey Cooper is currently coaching professionally, however, whilst she may be out of the country, she is not out of mind in terms of British coaching. Following on from her invitation to become a member of the prestigious FIVB Coaching Commission, Cooper has been identified as one of the most inspiring and quality coaches of the London 2012 Olympic Games. It’s not us saying it…two leading publications are…also see Captain Beatties comments at the bottom of this article.

The Leisure Review is a recognised independent industry magazine for professionals working in the management, development and promotion of all aspects of leisure, culture and sport. Their article reviews the quality of coaching on view during the Games across all sports (and is a good read) with the closing statement being:

The countless hours studying a variety of sports over the Olympic fortnight highlighted one coaching star, the aforementioned volleyball coach Audrey Cooper, the only coach in any of the “home nation picks” who won a game”.

Raed the full article here.

At the end of 2012, Sports Coach UK, the UK agency for coaching excellence, carried out research with their members about their views of the Olympics and Paralympics legacy. They asked them if there were any coaches they were inspired by and why?

The results are a combination of named individuals and teams of coaches; we are absolutely delighted that GB Women’s head coach Audrey Cooper is recognised as one of the most inspiring coaches of 2012. Remembering just how big a year 2012 was for sport, how many higher profile sports were successful and how much media attention surrounded those coaches, this is an outstanding achievement. Audrey is amongst some high profile names:

  • Dave Brailsford (cycling)
  • Audrey Cooper (volleyball)
  • Jurgen Grobler (rowing)
  • Peter Hannan (athletics)
  • Sharon Hannan (athletics)
  • Toni Minichiello (athletics)
  • Dan Pfaff (athletics)
  • Hope Powell (football)
  • Alberto Salazar (athletics)
  • Shane Sutton (Cycling)




The report shares the words identified when people explained why a coach was inspirational, broadly speaking, broken into three key attributes:

1. Relationships - building relationships, helping, motivating, communicating, positive attitude
2. Work Ethic - attention to detail, hard work, preparation, perseverance
3. Managing the Wider Environment - Controlling the controllables, managing expectations, creating opportunities

The recognition by fellow coaches from grass roots to elite, across all sports, highlights the talents and achievements of Audrey and we are ecstatic that her performances during the games were recognised and we want to wish her a huge congratulations. Read the full report here. GB Women’s Captain Lynne Beattie words…

Inspirational - Audrey Cooper

“I have heard lots of feedback about not just the team’s but Audrey’s performances during the Games and it’s great that this has been recognised not just within our own sport but across all sports and disciplines. We take it for granted but this is exactly how she was every day, over the 4 years she was in charge; focussed on the task, attention to detail, positive and forward thinking, uncompromising, passionate and most of all showed belief in her plan and us as a team of players and staff. Huge congratulations to Audrey, she is a great leader and asset to any team.”

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