Maria Bertelli talks Sky Sports Athlete Mentor, GB and the Olympics

GB libero Maria Bertelli was a guest on BBC Radio Nottingham today to talk about her new role as an Athlete Mentor for the Youth Sports Trust as part of the Sky Sports Living for Sport programme. You can listen to the interview here (interview starts 2h23m) but we also asked Maria a couple of extra questions below.

Maria is one of 27 athlete mentor new recruits and getting the position was definitely not a straight forward task, as she explains:

 ”There were over 100 athletes who applied for the positions from all sports and all areas. We had to present ‘our story’ to each other followed by an interview. I am  proud to have got the role and am really excited to be able to be part of what is terrific programme. The programme is high quality, shown by the level of investment in the mentors, I have had 5 training days and shadowing opportunities to make sure I am able to share my own learnings and experiences to their maximum, to have the biggest impact on the pupils and projects we work with.” 

The programme is now in its tenth year and has the slogan of ‘changing lives’, we asked Maria if she believes it can really achieve this;

Absolutely, I do believe this. My sporting experiences have shaped me as a person, they have developed me and given me skills that apply in every area of life. From simple things such as organisation to focus, perseverance and both the hunger and confidence to achieve. If we can help children to recognise, develop and use such skills in their school, home or leisure environment then I really do believe it can change their lives”

It sounds like a programme to get involved in! Best of all it’s free to access and available to all secondary schools, it’s also very simple to enrol and has had fantastic results. Check out the website where you can find details and case studies which really show the impact it can have!  Get involved! Check out Maria’s profile.

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