**Updated** Big weekend fixtures - New Year, auld foes!

 It’s 2013 and it’s Gameday! Exciting weekend ahead with not 1, but 2 Battle of the Brits matches!

In Germany Ciara Michel’s Hamburg (8th in the league table) have had a change of coach this week and immediately responded with a 3-1 win at home against Munster. Against Aachen this weekend Ciara will be reunited with not only GB buddy Lucy Wicks but also her old team Alemannia Aachen (11th). An exciting match lies ahead on Saturday at 6pm (UK). Livescore here.  Hamburg win 3-0

In Switzerland it’s already play-offs for the top 5 teams all playing each other home and away; the top 2 teams at the end of this phase play in the Final to be crowned champions. Ladycoach Coops’ Sagres NUC are at home against Captain Beattie’s VFM. It should be a tight match so that little bit of ‘knowing your opposition’ may make a difference! Watch livescore Saturday 4.30pm (UK). NUC win 3-1

Saturday 12th January:
Grace Carter’s Stade Francais (10) away v RC Cannes (1) 7pm (UK) Cannes win 3-0
Vicky Palmer’s Wessex (3rd) away to Malory Eagles (4th)  1pm Malory win 3-2

Sunday 13th January:
Joanne Morgans Engelhom Volley (2nd) v Hylte/Halmstad Engelholm win 3-0
Dave Goodchild’s Team Northumbria men (1st) away to London Lynx (4th) TN win 3-0

No games for Savanah this weekend.

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