Bertelli - Military Wives Choir just like team sports! Don’t forget your tissues!

If anyone wants to know what team sports are all about then you need to watch The Choir: A Year with the Military Wives. What an amazing programme and watching it brought soooo many resemblances and reflections. Never did I think that would happen; most difficult was trying to control the emotions whilst watching it on a flight! Mental note for next time!

The story is simple, lots of individual women looking for something to fill their time as their husbands head off to serve Queen and Country. Gareth Malone has the idea of setting up a group choir on the military base that will give the women a focus, a sense of community and a support network. Lacking confidence in themselves and belief they can actually sing they are timid and in need of a lot of work. Mentoring them, teaching them new skills, planning their progress carefully, identifying roles to match their talent and deliver the choir as a whole; Gareth establishes a group that will go on to win a Platinum Disc, be Christmas number 1, sing at the Jubilee celebrations and leave a legacy around the country’s military bases.

The women worked together as a team towards their common goal of becoming a good choir; singing became a passion, they worked hard, practiced as much as possible, supported each other and achieved things they never thought they could. They were given the opportunity, they took it, someone believed in them and guided and supported them along the way. The women grew, became confident, strong individuals who found a belief and worth in themselves, who were proud to represent their country, to represent their family and friends. Most of all they had fun and have now inspired other military women to go out and get involved, there are now over 75 choirs across the country.

What a journey for them! So many bells ringing in my head, singing is not sport but there a so many similarities in this programme…individuals, leadership, growth, team, goals, reward, recognition; ultimately its about the journey.

But, if you don’t want to think about any of that its just a good old British BBC programme! It is available on BBC iplayer….beware; you may need a box of tissues!

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