GB Women up for ‘bigger’ challenge

Last week the GB Women were up against some tall, hard hitting, big blocking men in an attempt to provide a tough challenge ahead of their tour of Finland and ultimately the Olympic Games in July.

The GB Women & Team Northumbria

In a 3 match series, they faced current and ex home nation international men’s players from the Volleyball England National Academy and Team Northumbria Super 8′s team.

Read Head Coach Audrey Cooper’s thoughts below and links to the match reports at the bottom of the page.


GBW Coach - Audrey Cooper

“It was great to have these 3 games back to back. To play against players of the physical nature of the boys is a challenge and something that we will face in the Olympics. It’s important for us to be able to handle them in block defence and also know how we can exploit them with our offensive style of play.

Physically this was a test, we have had a very hard 3 week training block, both in the sports hall and in the strength and conditioning sessions. To put this challenge at the end of this period was important for me to see the players are still able to deliver when fatigued - physically and mentally. 

It was a great opportunity to see all the players in competitive action. Some have very much raised their game. Selection is tough which is exactly how I want it. I’m happy we delivered a win against the Academy boys but more importantly, we tested a few things and learnt learnt a lot from these few days, so thanks to the coaches and staff of the teams for supporting our preparation.”

Match Reports: 
Match 1: GB Women vs Volleyball England Academy Men
Match 2: GB Women vs Northumbria Men
Match 3: GB Women vs Northumbria Men


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