Weekend Preview March 16th-18th

Lynne Beattie

Superliga, Spain
Lynne Beatties, Las Palmas play Tenerife Cuestra Piedra Santa Cruz on saturday.  On paper it should be a comfortable game for the Las Palmas team who are hoping to re ignite their winning ways at home this weekend! Beattie comments:  “Despite a few tough results over the past 2 weeks, the team has bounced back this week in training and we are ready to perform!”

Janine Sandell

It’s a top of the table clash in Spain for Janine Sandell’s Valeriano Allés Menorca Volei who play 2nd placed Nuchar Eurochamp Murillo this weekend.

Grace Carter

DEF & Pro A, France
This Saturday Carter’s TFOC play away against 8th place Nantes. Things are very close at the bottom half of the table with just 5 points separating 11th and 7th place, anything could happen in these last two games, but TFOC need a win to stand a chance of staying in PRO A.

Rachel Newton

Newton’s Quimper Volley 29 have their last match of the league on Saturday. They are back in pole position and take on 7th placed Volley-ball Tulle Naves. With second and third placed teams hot on their heels a win is needed to definitely secure the top spot and guarantee promotion to PRO A.

Maria Bertelli

NLA & NLB, Switzerland
 On Sunday evening Maria Bertelli’s Volley Koeniz are away against Sagres NUC….the winner of the match will make it to the playoff Final. For Koeniz though, they have to win 3-1 or 3-0. Game on!

Thom’s VBC Biel-Bienne play away to Dudingen on Sunday. Thom comments…..“Last time we played this team we lost in 5 so we are hoping to turn the result around this time. With only 2 matches left we have nothing to lose.”

Wicks & Michel

Bundesliga, Germany
It’s the last weekend of regular league play in Germany and with Aachen lying 10th and not in the play-offs it is their last game of the season. They are away from home on Saturday against Wiesbaden who are in 7th place. It is a tough game for Wicks and Michel but after narrowly missing out in 5 sets when they last met, Aachen are looking to even the score and finish the season strong.

Bragg’s Aurubis Hamburg are away to Potsdam on Saturday and will be looking for a clinical performance in preparation for the play-offs.

Vicky Palmer & Amigos

Eres Divisie, Belgium
Palmer’s Gea Happel Amigos Zoersel play Volley de Haan this weekend. Amigos came out with a 3-0 win last time they met and are looking for a similar result.

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