Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good: Team GB 2012 Kit launched

The official London 2012 Team GB kit was launched at the Tower of London today. The kit, designed by world renowned fashion designer Stella McCartney in co-operation with Adidas, will be worn by over 600 athletes across 26 sporting disciplines.

It all started with wanting a new British look and feel for the athletes. Stella’s first move as Creative Director was to reinterpret the Union Flag in a modern way. “It’s one of the most beautiful flags in the world and I wanted to use that iconic image but dismantle it, soften it and break it down, make it more graphic and more fashionable”Adidas Head of Design James Carnes agrees: “The design inspiration for Team GB was the idea of being untraditionally British”.

Stella’s design process has gone hand in hand with the Adidas newly pumped Powerweb and ClimaCool technologies, and their lightest ever swimsuits and footwear. So the athletes will not only look and feel great, they’ll go great too. 

We are still waiting to see the GB Women’s kit but here are a few early thoughts from the players…

Libero Maria Bertelli says: “I think the kit looks great because it’s GB and seeing the different sports wearing it really brings out what the Olympics is about. I’d be just be so proud to wear anything that has the words Olympic and Team GB and a Union Jack in there somewhere. 

GB Captain and outside hitter Lynne Beattie comments…
I really like what i have seen so far… Its certainly different, but for me the design will allow Team GB to stand out from everyone else. Seeing the kit just gets me more excited about the summer ahead… and whatever colour or design it is, i will be proud to wear it, knowing what it stands for!” 

Nicky Osborne, middle blocker thinks.. ”The new kit looks great… Smart, striking and makes me proud to be British to see the athletes today modelling it as one collective Team GB. Let the Games begin!”


Rachel Laybourne sums it up…”There has been some criticism today about how blue the new Olympic kit is. However, my opinion is that we are going to look unique and when the whole of Team GB are together we will look united and stand proud. Every athlete will know what sacrifices and hard work has gone into earning the right to wear that kit - regardless of what colours have been used in the design.”


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