CAPTAIN’S CORNER 5 - 150 days to go: GBW Celebrate in style!


With exactly 150 days (5 months) to go until the Olympic Games come to the city of London, i thought it would be quite fitting to celebrate this day with a short entry about Celebration…


For me, celebrating is one of the most enjoyable things about volleyball.  I can’t describe the feeling of winning a huge point, or long rally, but it is like all the energy i have in my body is released at that very moment, and i just let go, sometimes more than others!!!  In a sport like football, you may only get a handful of goals to celebrate, but in volleyball, there are so many more opportunities, whether it be a huge block, a powerful attack, a combination play, an ace, winning a long rally…the list in endless!!!

Not only do we have a few crazy celebrators on the team (as you will see shortly)… but i feel that the subject of celebration is relevant on so many other levels too.

The last 6 years for the GB Women, have been a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows, although i’m pleased to say there has been many more highs than lows.  The progress we have made as a team in such a short time is phenomenal and we have worked so hard to make it happen, both on and off the court.  I believe this should be celebrated.

“Celebration is a recognition of accomplishment”

Mary E. Allen M.C.C

Bertelli celebrates a point for GB!

With the spectacular summer ahead of us, we are celebrating all the good things we have done so far.  We are not just going to the Olympics because we are the host nation and there to make up the numbers.  We are going because like every other team who qualifies, we deserve to be there.  We have put in the work, we have proved we are capable and we are so excited about showing the world what we are made of!  This is something to celebrate.

I have put together a short video of the GB women in action, celebrating both for our clubs and for GB.  Look out for the variety of celebrations on display… we have jumpers, spinners, the skip’n'twirl, the celebratory fly-by and many many more…




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