Captains Corner: Beattie Blog 1 - An intro

Hopefully now, you should all know a little bit more about the GBW Team and our background, so here is an insight into my thoughts on the honour of being Team Captain and exactly what i think it will take for us, the Great Britain Women’s Volleyball Team, to succeed at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

What does it mean to be GBW Captain on the road to 2012?

For the reasons I have already said, it is both and honour and a privilege to Captain this team on such an epic journey.  As a sports fanatic from a very young age, it has always been my dream to compete at an Olympic Games.  Before the announcement was made that London had won the bid to be host nation for 2012, the closest I ever got to an Olympic Games was sitting in front of my TV, marvelling at the hard work, dedication and pure athletic ability on display.  And now here I am, on the verge of  not only competing at an Olympics, but competing at an Olympics on home soil, as the Captain of my team…….this is as close to your dreams that you get!

What does it take to be a GBW player?
Our dream as a team is to compete at an Olympic Games.  This has never been done by any British Indoor Volleyball Team in history.  We set off on this journey a long way behind other Olympic standard teams. We have worked hard for 4 years to develop as a team and now here we are already competing with teams that are top 10 in the world with just over one year to go before London 2012.  Preparing for an Olympic Games is not easy for athletes in any sport, but for the GBW, to continue this journey with no financial support, giving up absolutely everything to make this dream come true; we really have to give it everything.   Of course the motivation is there, but it also takes mental toughness, discipline, pride, passion and commitment from every single player.  Volleyball is the ultimate team sport.  Individuals cannot win a volleyball match; therefore we need these qualities from every single member of the team in order to succeed.

What will it take to achieve our goals in London 2012?
To achieve our goal of being the best we can be at London 2012 and put GB Women’s Volleyball on the map, we are all required to dedicate ourselves completely to the game for the remaining months until London 2012.  We are one team, with one mindset, one mission, working hard together to achieve one goal.  It is so important that we trust in each other and our coaching staff, putting the team before the individual in everything that we do.

And on that note i will leave you for now because there is work to be done.  As our summer season approaches, I look forward to sharing my own thoughts and experiences with you as our road to 2012 unwinds.  Tune in to Captains Corner soon to find out the latest news from the GBW.


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