“We are ready”…. Interview: GB Setter Lucy Wicks on season ahead

It’s a big weekend across Europe, especially in Germany, France and Holland where the league season begins.

We caught up with GB setter and Vice Captain Lucy Wicks just before she headed off with GB teammate Ciara Michel to Vilsbiburg for her first match of the season for Alemannia Aachen.


1.You & Aachen had a great season last year, was it an easy decision to stay?

Atmosphere electric!

You’re right it was a great season last year, we were the surprise team really exceeding expectations. Aachen is a really professional club, lots of training, good facilities and so many great people. I love playing at home, our fans are fantastic, the atmosphere in the gym is electric and I really enjoyed last season - I guess that’s a yes….it was an easy decision to stay!

2. How has pre-season gone for you?

Gelling as a team

Pre-season has gone well. It’s been intense with a lot of physical work and quite a few pre season tournaments, where we have done well. We have quite a few new players this year, arriving at different times so we have been working hard on gelling as a team and getting ready for the season. It has gradually built and I believe we are ready.

3. How is your team looking for the season ahead?


We have added new players, strengthened all areas, so I am really excited. The Bundesliga is such a tough league with so many high quality, international players that every game is difficult. We had a successful season last year and took a lot of teams by surprise but this season they will be ready for us. That means we will need to raise our game too - I think we have the players to do this.

4. Are expectations much higher after last season, or does realism prevail?
Naturally, there is a little more pressure this year because everybody likes to win and we managed to do that quite a lot - its a great feeling for everyone involved in the club, so people want more! We are not one of the biggest clubs in the league historically or financially and winning in the Bundesliga is tough so we need to take each game as it comes. What we do have is an amazing fan base and they support us through the highs and the lows which really helps keep the team going.

5. How are you looking forward to playing with world class player, Angelina Grun?
It’s a great signing for the club. I watched quite a few of the Germany matches in the Euro Champs online and I was very impressed with her and the team. After a short time in training its easy to see her quality and her character and I am really excited to have her in our team, I think we will all be able to learn from her experience. If we are to be successful each player has to deliver.

6. Finally, if there is one thing you hope to achieve this season what will it be?
This is the most important season of my life so far because I want to make sure I am the best player I can be next Summer, but every season is the most important!! We have been working so hard for the last 4-5 years, so it’s really a case of continuing with the same mentality - I want to be able to look back on the last 12 months and be able to say I have done everything I possibly could. No stone has been left unturned!!

Watch Lucy & Ciara’s first match vs Vilsbiburg online tomorrow at vib24.tv at 7pm UK time.

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