Happy 116th Birthday Volleyball!!

Today the sport of volleyball celebrates its 116th birthday!

It is unanimously acknowledged that Volleyball was “invented” by US American William G. Morgan back in 1895. He was born in Lockport, New York, USA.

Morgan met James Naismith, inventor of basketball, whilst studying at Springfield College, Massachusetts in 1892. Like Naismith, Morgan pursued a career in Physical Education at the YMCA. Influenced by Naismith and basketball, in 1895 Morgan invented “Mintonette” a less vigorous team sport more suitable for older members of the YMCA but one that still required athletic skill. Later Alfred S. Halstead watched Mintonnette and re-named it “Volleyball” as the point of the game is to “volley” the “ball” back and forth over the net.

Morgan died in 1942. An elementary school in Holyoke, William Morgan School, bears his name.

As of today, the FIVB has got a total of 220 affiliated National Federations, divided into 5 Continental Confederations, i.e. Africa (53), Asia (65), Europe (55), NORCECA (35) and South America (12).

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