The Real Thing - Aachen finally get their season underway

Due to the World Championships the Bundesliga 1 will commence today. It has been a long time coming for Lucy Wicks and Ciara Michel who have been in pre-season since mid August. As I’m sure you can imagine they are very happy to finally start with the ‘real thing’.

Team Alemannia Aachen

“It has been an extremely long pre-season but it has given us the opportunity to work physically and technically. It has also allowed us to get to know each other as a team, giving us time without any real pressure. It’s been hard work but we feel ready and now we just want to get going and deliver on the court” says Lucy Wicks.

The first match is away against VCO Berlin (today 19.00) and both the GB players are expected to start. It’s a great sign for Britsih Volleyball that we will have 2 players in the starting 6 in what is considered a very strong league.

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